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evoo Academy offers a unique and professional level educational program to those who are interested to immerse themselves and gain unparalleled knowledge and skills in the olive oil tasting.



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Diploma in Olive Oil Sommelier registration Enquire NOw Berlin | Oniline Learning
February 2024
* Once we have reached the required number of students, the registrations will be closed.
Learn from the The Team Enquire now Professionals
Course Content

Diploma in Olive Oil Sommelier .

Duration: 5 Days, 40 Hours (Intensive Executive Program)

The meetings for all 5 days of the course will be held between 09:00 – 17.00. All presentations are in English using PowerPoint format.

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Course content

The course comprises of two core units.
A. Theoretical and practical training
B. Selective trials to Evaluate Candidate’s Ability for tasting olive oils
February 15, 2024

Program of the day

09:00 - 17:00

  • Introduction to the Sensory Evaluation of Virgin olive oil and the official method of the International Olive Council (I.O.C.)
  • Chemical and physical criteria of olive oil quality
  • Olive oil classification and regulation
  • Olive oil Sector in the World: Northern and Southern Hemisphere regions – production statistics and cultivars

February 16, 2024

Program of the day

09:00 - 17:00

  • Common mistakes during olive postharvest steps and their effect on olive oil quality
  • Improvement of production quality through sensory results evaluation
  • The correlation of the production process in the olive mill with the sensory characteristics of olive oil

February 17, 2024

Program of the day

09:00 - 17:00

  • The Sensory evaluation, from theory to practice
  • Positive sensory characteristics of Virgin olive oils
  • Negative sensory characteristics of Virgin olive oils
  • Additional Sensory Criteria for the Quality Assessment of the Extra Virgin olive oil grade – Harmony and Clearness of perception

February 18, 2024

Program of the day

09:00 - 17:00

  • Latest developments in olive processing and their impact on olive oil quality
  • Olive oil storage
  • Olive oil food pairing

February 19, 2024

Program of the day

09:00 - 17:00

  • Nutritional value and health claims
  • Consumer perception of olive oil sensory characteristics
  • Selective trials

February 15 - February 19, 2024

Taste around 100’s olive oil samples

During the theoretical training, participants will have the opportunity to taste around 100’s olive oil samples from Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, and other producing countries, in order to evaluate their characteristics (fruitiness and aromatic profile, bitterness, pungency, and potential defects).

B. Selective trials to Evaluate Candidate’s Ability for tasting olive oils
Participants will also perform special tests prescribed by the International Olive Council – called selective trials – in order to evaluate each candidate’s ability regarding olive oil tasting.
No previous practice or experience is required for the successful completion of the Selective Trials. These tests are simple natured and designed for inexperienced tasters, regardless of age.
The Team of Instructors

The Professionals .

Manolis Salivaras

Owner and founder of Multichrom.Lab, Head Panel Leader of Berlin GOOA
Dr. Agusti Romero

Researcher at the IRTA Plant Science Program, Barcelona, Spain
Johnny Madge

Judge in International Olive Oil Competitions
Dieter Oberg

co-founder of German Olive Oil Panel (DOP)
Prof. Maurizio Servili

Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences University of Perugia

Course Fee .


In Class Program Fees

An essential part of being a student of the evoo Academy and the Diploma of Olive Oil Sommelier is the completion of the registration application form. The fee for the Diploma is 2150€. Pay your tuition fees by installment. This allows us to take payments on four (4) fixed dates before September 12, 2023. Fees will be discounted by 10% for a one-time payment.  The total fee will be 1935€ . We provide debit/credit card payments and bank transfer.

One Year (1) Support Sessions after completion

Graduates will have the option to select the support session package upon completion of the Diploma Olive Oil Sommelier. This will include eight (8) olive oil tasting sessions between October 2023 to May 2024, as well as separate live support from the program’s director. The participants in each session will receive and taste four (4) olive oil samples.

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